HR / labour market services

We provide our partners with effective, customised HR support for the development of their organisations. The objective of the HR development consulting is to establish a flexible, supporting human resource development and management strategy and system within the company to have motivated, satisfied and loyal employees, which is one of the most important elements of the effective and stable organisational operation.

            General HR areas

  • Modelling state and private support possibilities
  • Survey of the labour market in the targeted segment
  • Preparing employee profile and training plan
  • Flexible employment consulting
  • Preparing CSR strategy and consultation for the implementation

HR administration online interface (software package)

  • Software Fundamentum (Organisational personal data – employment contract, Visual, Calendar function, E-mail function, Basic level data retrieval possibilities)
  • HR legislation – Labour Code record
  • Personnel – payroll record
  • Cafeteria record
  • Workhour record
  • Attendance record
  • Day-off record
  • Competence and qualification record
  • Work task – project planner record
  • Carrier – talent nurture record
  • E-learning – training record
  • Performance record
  • Position - tasks record
  • Satisfaction survey record
  • Recruitment – job seeking record
  • Stress-handling/measurement
  • Absence due to domestic or foreign meeting-conference record
  • Human resource record (= creative, brainstorming interface, CSR activities, etc.)

IT consulting for organisational development

  • Developing the IT conditions for traditional and atypical work, providing control functions to increase the individual and corporate efficiency, to measure work processes and motivate employees.
  • Implementing remote work station and remote access, developing the IT tools for measuring the efficiency of remote work, the measurement system with the help of support tools.

Occupational health protection tools

  • Preventive soft health care solutions
  • Ergonomics survey
  • Instrumental analysis of effective work methods/techniques and solution suggestion